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Pumpkin Spice Oreo Delight

pumpkin%2Bspice%2Boreo%2Bdelight%2B(1)A Pumpkin Spice Oreo Delight
pinit Pumpkin Spice Oreo Delight

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere this time of year. I mean everywhere! I broke down and bought a package of the new Oreo Pumpkin Spice cookies. I was prepared to hate them, but they were actually pretty good! I bought two packs, so I started thinking of ways to use them in a recipe.

I decided try my hand at an Oreo Delight recipe. I went all out pumpkin spice and used pumpkin spice pudding in this recipe too. *I found the pudding at Walmart.*

It was super easy to make and it tasted really good! I let this sit… Continue reading

Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

by Pam on October 28, 2014

DSC 9918 Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

I was in the mood for chinese food last night so I went in search of something to make. I found this chicken recipe on Damn Delicious and I couldn’t resist it. I loved the idea of baking the panko crusted chicken bites then tossing them with the sweet sauce and serving over rice. I’ll admit that coating the bites of chicken in the panko was a bit tedious but so worth the effort. The chicken had a great crunchy texture without being greasy . We all, LOVED this chicken… Continue reading

Parmesan-Truffle Oven Fries

14932109104 e9676e722a c Parmesan Truffle Oven Fries

When it comes to eating French fries, I am admittedly kind of a snob.  I like them to be hand-cut, nice and crispy, and really salty… almost bordering on too salty.  When I come across fries that meet my trifecta, I am pretty much powerless against them.  Can’t.  Stop. I don’t order fries that often in restaurants, but I always make sure to test a few of Joey’s.  Much to his annoyance.  Joey doesn’t share food! (can’t ever help myself from making a Friend’s reference).

And this might put me in the “weirdo” category,… Continue reading

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole Recipe

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole Recipe

chicken and broccoli casserole 1 Chicken and Broccoli Casserole Recipe
Quick and easy meals like this chicken and broccoli casserole are my go to dishes for busy nights. This casserole combines chicken, broccoli, rice, cheese, mayonnaise, cream of chicken soup and cornflakes. To save time you can use the meat from a cooked rotisserie chicken. The combination of flavors is great in this recipe and the cornflakes add a really nice crunch to the top of the casserole. I like to add cheese to the mixture and then add an additional layer of cheese under the cornflakes. You… Continue reading

Bratwurst Grilled Cheese Recipe

Bratwurst Grilled Cheese Recipe

bratwurst grilled cheese 1 Bratwurst Grilled Cheese Recipe
If you want a truly tasty sandwich recipe for game day give this bratwurst grilled cheese a try. This grilled cheese is a simple combination of a grilled bratwurst, Muenster cheese, honey-mustard and French bread. You can cook the bratwurst on an outdoor grill, an indoor grill pan or even in a frying pan. You can also experiment with different types of cheese in this recipe. A good option instead of the Muenster might be to use shredded Gouda. I like to serve this grilled cheese with either French… Continue reading

‘Vomiting Pumpkins’: The Halloween Decorations We’d Die Without (PHOTOS)

pok11h9wws20c4x Vomiting Pumpkins: The Halloween Decorations Wed Die Without (PHOTOS)

How can something so gross be so adorable? I’m talking about vomiting jack-o’-lanterns, puking pumpkins. You carve your pumpkin, save the seeds and goop — then you arrange the gunk so it looks like it’s pouring out of your jack-o’-latern’s mouth. EWW! But the seeds-and-strings trick is just the beginning. There are so many fun variations on this Halloween decoration idea, it’s sick.

po3dnj8y8820c4x Vomiting Pumpkins: The Halloween Decorations Wed Die Without (PHOTOS)

Which is your favorite? See them all and tell us!

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halloween start slideshow

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Danube River Cruise {Salzburg, Regensburg, Nuremberg}

river%2Bcruise%2BCollage Danube River Cruise {Salzburg, Regensburg, Nuremberg}

Today I am sharing the second half of my recent Danube River Cruise with Gate1 Travel.

Last week I shared my trip to Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Wachau and Melk. 

You can read about it here:

Today I’m sharing all about Salzburg, Regensburg and Nuremberg. 

They were all amazingly beautiful!

We packed a lot in to a small amount of time!

Day 4 - Salzburg

salzburg%2B%2817%29 Danube River Cruise {Salzburg, Regensburg, Nuremberg}

To start day five, we took a bus into Salzburg. 

Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart.

This is the second time that I have been to Salzburg. 

The… Continue reading