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Poppy Seed Chicken Bubble Up

chicken%2Bpoppy%2Bseed%2Bbubble%2Bup%2BA Poppy Seed Chicken Bubble Up
pinit Poppy Seed Chicken Bubble Up

This recipe combines two of my favorite recipes – my chicken noodle casseroles and my bubble up casseroles. I’ve been adapting my Cracked Out Chicken Noodle Casserole recently (French Onion Chicken Noodle Casserole and Buffalo Chicken Noodle Casserole) and decided to swap the noodles with biscuits. I figured if noodles were good, biscuits would be better.

O-M-G! This was delicious! I wanted to eat the whole pan myself, but my stomach wasn’t big enough. This is super creamy and delicious. The chicken mixture can be made ahead of time and tossed with the biscuits when you are ready… Continue reading

10 Drinks to Take the Chill Off Those Cold Days and Nights (PHOTOS)

poeh20iawo 10 Drinks to Take the Chill Off Those Cold Days and Nights (PHOTOS)As temperatures plunge to record lows in many parts of the country, it’s time to think about some delicious ways to warm up. 

We’ve found 10 tasty drinks--some just for grown-ups–that are sure to take the chill off! From ciders and nogs to spicy coffees and teas, there’s something to please every palate!

#3 definitely has us intrigued. Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What’s your favorite thing to drink on a cold day? 

Image © Eleanor Bentall/Corbis

drinks start slideshow

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE 10 Drinks to Take the Chill Off Those Cold Days and Nights (PHOTOS)
The Stir By CafeMom: Food & Party

East Brunswick cafe: Pope Joan

pope%2Bjoan%2B %2Bzucchini%2Btart%2Bwith%2Bbasil%2Band%2Bgrains East Brunswick cafe: Pope Joan

I heard about Pope Joan long before I managed to go there for a meal.  The hype was right!  I loved it. The cafe is light-filled and stylish.  The meals are unusual and delicious.  The food is prettily arranged, often served on vintage plates.  It is satisfying without being heavy.  The staff waft by with floral jugs for topping up water glasses.  It has been easy to return a few times.

Pope%2BJoan%2BCollage East Brunswick cafe: Pope Joan

Upon entering the cafe, it seems quite small.  However there are lots of tables down the side.  We had to wait for a seat on a Saturday morning but… Continue reading

Snapshot Saturday: Cooking in a Parka…

This is what one’s living room may or may not look like when their heat has been out since Wednesday night and they are living crammed into one room so as to make the most of the space heater and fireplace (i.e. forced family bonding).
livingroom Snapshot Saturday: Cooking in a Parka…

This is what one may choose to do if school is canceled on day two of their heat still not working (for the record, Cam wasn’t doing the actual driving; I was, much to my boys’ disappointment because apparently I drive like a grandma). To all my past Minneosta and Wisconsin friends and neighbors:… Continue reading

What’s For Dinner?


IMG 1911+ Snapseed Whats For Dinner?


 Whats For Dinner?


IMG 7256+(1) Whats For Dinner?


king+ranch+bubble+up+(2)B Whats For Dinner?


 Whats For Dinner?
Chicken and Ravioli Carbonara


DSC01185 Whats For Dinner?


 Whats For Dinner?
Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice

pinit Whats For Dinner?

  signature Whats For Dinner?


p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Whats For Dinner?
Plain Chicken

Pulled Pork Hot Dogs Recipe

Pulled Pork Hot Dogs Recipe

pulled pork hot dogs 1 Pulled Pork Hot Dogs Recipe
Hot dogs piled with slow cooked pulled pork go great served for game day. These hot dogs are loaded with BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw and a dill pickle spear. The combination of flavors in this recipe really makes these hot dogs great. The pork is cooked in the slow cooker, shredded and the mixed with your favorite BBQ sauce. I like to cook the hot dogs on an indoor grill pan but an outdoor grill would be even better. If you want to save some time you can… Continue reading

Peach crumble revisited

peach%2Bcrumble 3 Peach crumble revisited

The other night Sylvia was watching ABC3 – she is a big girl now!  The show was the Legend of Dick and Dom and they were encountering the Neehi Tribe.  This tribe of children forbade vegetables, fruit and bedtime.  All they ate was chips.  Yep!  That sounded very familiar.  Well the chips did!  Sylvia sometimes recoils at vegies but mostly she doesn’t do too badly!  On the night I made peach crumble, she asked for broccoli and peas, and then swiped a cucumber I was nibbling on.  In one of those fickle moments she was more fussy about dessert than… Continue reading